The state of Intropix is an astral projection of mind, soul and body to the world of fancy flora and fauna, memorable experience, flow of new emotions, underworld adventure alone with your imaginations.

The recipe of this trip will enhance your capacity for neurodiving. There are 9 special ingredients for more natural and deep effect, the preparation of which took more than one year.

Welcome to the new dimension.


VA Intropix

Thank you and congratulations. You are one of a few people who have chosen this CD. May it bring you pleasure. This work was some years in the making and as such it spans a range of sounds.

"Thank You" to: You, the listener, Taras Habrel and Victor TrueShiva who gave life and magic to the artwork of the CD, Moon Koradji and life for it's constant evolution.

Innovate, invent, morph, go beyond and grow.


The unique mix of sonic messages
from the major creators
will let you plunge into a deep journey
of the body and soul,
descending deeper and deeper into the cosmic abyss
in search of new sensations.

Infinity Keepers will prompt you the direction
and help you to reach a suitable depth of flight
for the contact...

After all these years, after many live performances and most importantly after a lots time spent in studio, Kirna's debut album is finally seeing the daylight. Each track on this album has been carefully crafted and attentively tweaked for a period of 4 years. Every little nuance has been considered, and all musical passages have been taken into account.

This album functions as a gateway to a galaxy far far away. Intended to be listened as a full trip, it connects each musical piece in a way of a planetary system. Still, each track is independent, with its own mindset for exploring sonic grounds and surroundings.

Acoustic horizon of this record covers wide range of surreal and ordinary soundscapes, designed to tingle and tangle every layer of your mind. Playful progressions within beautiful compositions assure that melodic receptor of your auditory sense will be stimulated emotionally and challenged musically. Let this music guide your way In Space!

Formed back in 2008 by Matti Mikkola and Pasi Salo, Ascoil Sun presents their debut album "Emergence". Despite the young age of the project, two minds behind it have been interacting musically for a long time, and after releasing their debut EP, Ascoil Sun have occupied Lunar studios to sculpture their sound - resulting in a truly unique blend of vibes that only Ascoil Sun delivers.

Aiming towards feelings of spontaniousness and progressive vibes, with eteric slide-guitar melodies echoing colourful psychedelia of 60-70`s, synth-solos taking you into the journey to the future. Emergence is carefully crafted to a true experience which takes you from the surface to the ocean floor, building its pressure in emotion, complexity and mood towards its ending, where it all implodes to surreal beauty.

Let yourself dive in your thoughts, let your mind Emerge and Blossom.

Moon Koradji Records proudly present the new conceptual audio CD "Legendarium" a collection of musical journeys from different worlds and epochs, ten spellbinding stories permeated with intriguing sounds and mythical beings, mysterious melodies and enigmatic secrets.

The compilation includes unreleased tracks from well-known artists as well as rising stars on the world trance scene from countries such as Finland, Netherlands, Taiwan, Ukraine, Denmark, England, Sweden and Israel.

Find your legend and become its hero!

There is a place in the universe completely hidden from human eyes. Here rustles of night and breath of mist, whispers of wind and voices of nature create mysterious sense of magic. Colourful stream of supernatural sounds will rush right to your consciousness. Here your thoughts materialize.

For those, who prefer wild mixture of sounds, for travelers between the lands of dreams and reality - Moon Koradji prepared a space flight beyond the borders of understanding. Stars will draw you the way, and music is the key to open the access to the unexplored dimension of the Enuin planet.

Under the cover of night, when lightning flashes cut the sky and the shadow of darkness absorbs last sun beam... here comes the dark side of Moon Koradji.

Prayers of Wizard will fly round the Earth with hurricane winds. He turns to the Infinity Keepers in order to touch the secrets, which eternity keeps in its depth. Through music the answers will be received. Through vibes He will feel the uncontrolable power of nature elements!

Listen and feel...

Moon Koradji records is a new born label for supporting of qualitative music production. After years of listening to psychedelic electronic music, going to parties, djing and organizing events DJ Omsun finally unleash his first compilation on the world.

Shadow Enuin - is a unique excursion through the minds and imagination of famous musicians and masters of psychedelic dimension. Enuin - a synthesis of magic and nature, a reflection of trick, free flight under the hidden paths of undiscovered civilisations, an elf-like creature, radiating waves of mystical sounds from the depth of wild soul.

Moon Koradji is proud to introduce you their first licensed CD and leaves three dots for your own comprehension of deserving attention material. Have a nice trip!