OCELOT - Night & Day

Thank you and congratulations. You are one of a few people who have chosen this CD. May it bring you pleasure. This work was some years in the making and as such it spans a range of sounds.

"Thank You" to: You, the listener, Taras Habrel and Victor TrueShiva who gave life and magic to the artwork of the CD, Moon Koradji and life for it's constant evolution.

Innovate, invent, morph, go beyond and grow.


   W&P by Aaron Peacock
   Mastered by Clement @ www.storm-mastering.com
   Cover design by Taras Habrel & Victor TrueShiva
   Release date: May 13th, 2013

Isratrance (eng)
Psyshine (rus)


Album review by dj Bez23 (Peak Rec.)

Unafraid of experimentation, Aaron Peacock’s latest project breathes pure techno onto a psytrance canvas, resulting in a paradoxical pumping hybrid which is at times heavy, relentless and overwhelming whilst being playful, immersive and exciting.

Breaks are scarce and the kick takes centre stage as each tune builds in complexity and intensity. There's something of the attitude of forest trance, without the sense of absolute abandon or the intimidating pace.

oCeLoT's skills in the studio make sense of the chaos that often gets lost in the sound-mush of harder night music, while a frequently atypical bottom end keeps the drive and power in check. Synth work is often percussive, especially on Thirteen and Oxymoron, adding to the filthy techno vibe. Later track Wiggle Waggle and The First Day find us back in more familiar psytrance territory, crisply produced and as ever taking us on a journey.

Stunning artwork seals the deal on one of oCeLoT's finest releases.